The US official order announced today that President Donald Trump will impose sanctions on the assets of the Venezuelan government.

The executive order mentioned: “All Venezuelan government property and property interests in the United States… have been blocked and are not allowed to be transferred, paid, exported, revoked, or otherwise dealt with.”

The Trump administration continued to pressurize the Karakas authorities in order to pull down Nicolas Maduro.

The United States and most Latin American countries and Western democracies have called for Maduro to step down and recognize the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as president.

However, China and Russia continue to support Maduro, and the US national security adviser John Bolton warned China and Russia today that they should not double support Maduro.

Bolton said that the Venezuelan democratically elected government may rely on China and Russia to support his long-term allegation of Maduro’s “criminal regime,” and regard the two countries as hostile forces, and may choose not to repay billions of dollars in loans to China and Russia.

On the eve of the summit on the political crisis in Venezuela, Bolton told reporters in Peru that he supported Maduro “may affect the settlement of their debts after the fall of Maduro.”

Bolton said that he will give a speech at this summit, to the effect that the United States is seeking a new initiative to allow Venezuela to peacefully transfer power. Russia and China rejected the invitation from Peru and did not participate in the summit that gathered more than 50 countries.

Russia and China continue to match Maduro, while Guado is the United States, and Maduro still controls most government agencies.

Bolton added that Washington is opposed to Venezuela’s new elections because his government can manipulate the electoral system to benefit him.

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