Britain’s large area of ​​England and Wales tonight power outage for an hour or two, not only caused the London large station to stop and close during the peak hours, the plane road and railway system chaos, even air traffic Stopping operations, affecting nearly 1 million people.

Reuters and Agence France-Presse reported that National Grid, which owns the transmission system in England and Wales, said that the two generators had “problems” and the fault had been resolved.

State Grid Corporation said: “There was an unusual situation tonight, and two generators connected to the Great Britain transmission system failed, causing the frequency of the power system to drop.” The tweet also said that the power supply resumed around 6:30 in the evening. “The system is now functioning normally.”

The British traffic police described the power outage as never seen before, and said that because the railway system has stopped operating, the police have been reported to assist, and it is recommended that people who take part of the railway line do not go to the bus.

The blackout caused the cancellation and delay of the train, which led to the closure of Euston and Kings Cross in London due to excessive crowds. These two stations are London’s busiest stations, providing transportation to North England and parts of the suburbs.

The rail system entering and leaving London, such as the Thameslink, Southern Railway and Gatwick Express, is subject to delays or cancellations.

National Rail said that the service disruption may continue from today to tomorrow morning due to “the train and flight attendants are in the wrong position.”

The London Transport Authority (TfL) said that the Victoria line stopped and warned people to use the flat roads with special care because some traffic signs stopped working.

In addition, a hospital in Ipswich said that the backup generator could not generate electricity.

According to power companies across the country, nearly 1 million people were affected by blackouts, including 300,000 in London and South East England; about 500,000 in Midlands, South West England and Wales; Yorkshire and North East England About 110,000 people, the airport and subway system of Newcastle, the largest city in the Northeast, were also affected.

According to local distribution companies, power outages in the affected areas lasted up to one hour.

The UK’s energy regulator, the Natural Gas and Electricity Market Regulatory Authority (Ofhem), has asked the State Grid Corporation to provide an emergency report on the details of the accident.

There are Twitter users who show “black” humor in this power outage event, mentioning the Brexit political drama in the UK in recent months. The message joked that the UK “is practicing no agreement to leave the EU”, so as not to be caught in the dark period of economic chaos. Take measures.

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