In response to North Korea’s relaunch of short-range ballistic missiles in the early morning, South Korea’s Cheong Wa Dae today alleged that North Korea was a force demonstration against the formal implementation of joint military exercises by South Korea and the United States on the 11th, urging North Korea to stop shooting.

South Korea’s joint news agency pointed out that according to a press release issued by Qinghuatai spokesperson Gao Yiting, Qing Yitai, director of the National Security Office of Qingwatai, Zheng Jingdou, Minister of National Defense, Xu Xun, President of the National Intelligence Service, and Park Hanji, Speaker of the Contract Staff Headquarters, today’s action against North Korea’s early morning projectile Urgently hold video conferences and make situational judgments.

The press release pointed out that the Military Chiefs’ Meeting has determined that North Korea may still conduct test tests to test the performance of newly developed short-range emitters. In addition, the meeting also discussed the military security situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Gao Yuting said that the relevant heads initially believed that North Korea was conducting summer military training and did not launch an unusual military operation against South Korea. Participants also believe that North Korea’s successive launch of launches may exacerbate military tension on the Korean peninsula and urge North Korea to stop shooting.

Gao Yuting said that the initial launch of North Korea’s launch aircraft was a short-range ballistic missile, and the Korean and US intelligence agencies will further analyze the specific parameters of the launcher.

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