US President Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton arrived in London, England today, ready to talk with British officials. It is expected that he will urge the United Kingdom to take a tough stance on two issues of Iran and China’s telecom giants.

Britain is preparing to leave the European Union (EU) on October 31. This is the largest geopolitical shift in the UK since the Second World War. Many diplomats expect that London will increasingly rely on the United States.

Bolton’s talks in the UK from 12 to 13 will focus on the issue of Brexit. The White House led by Trump has a tense relationship with former British Prime Minister Theresa May. This time Trump sent Bolton to talk with Britain, and the White House tried to see Consolidate relations with the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson government.

Bolton is expected to urge British officials to work closely with Washington on the Iranian issue. After Trump allowed the United States to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, the United States imposed a tough pressure on Tehran.

The UK has so far supported the EU and adhered to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, but after the British tanker was detained in the Strait of Hormuz, London must take a tougher stance. .

And because of the fear that Huawei’s 5G network technology will cause national security risks, Trump will also urge the UK to be more tough against Huawei. The United States hopes that allies including the United Kingdom will avoid using Huawei equipment.

In the former Prime Minister Mey, the British government decided to let Huawei enter the non-core part of the 5G network in a limited way, but a senior official of the Trump administration said that Bolton hopes to find a more friendly audience in the Johnson & Johnson government.

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