Recently, unfair discrimination against Korean children in Japan has caused a soaring anger of our people.

As is well known, the Japanese government is trying to exclude Korean classes from the Chosun Education, Childcare and Freedom Act, which will be implemented in October under the new Amendment Support Act.

It is an extremely unfair and vicious racial discrimination to exclude children of Korean-Japanese citizens who are performing their duty to pay the consumption tax just like Japanese people.

The application of gratuitization to the students of the Chosun School Kindergarten is an unavoidable moral duty and responsibility of the Japanese authorities, who must protect and treat the children of Korean-Japanese who are descendants of the victims of Japanese colonial policy.

The Declaration also reveals that the status of Koreans in Japan is an important part of the past clearing problem.

Nevertheless, the Japanese government has suspended payment of educational subsidies for Chosun schools and excluded them from high school support. This time, they are playing wildly with children.

The unfair discrimination against Japanese reactions is the unprecedented violent violent attempt to put ethnic Koreans into the crucible of national exclusion and to wipe out ethnicity in the Korean-Japanese community.

The reality clearly shows how hypocritical the Japanese authorities, who said they would be friendly to Japan and did not discriminate against Koreans in the past.

In particular, while the Abe administration is talking about unconditional dialogue, it is more cunning and vicious than the political oppression and unjust acts of discrimination against the Soviet Union and its Koreans.

Rather than apologizing and reflecting on the history of the past that inflicted unparalleled misery and suffering on our people, the insults of the inevitable people who are writing a new history of sin are heightening the anti-Japanese sentiment of the entire Korean people.

Trying to exterminate the oppressive opposition of Chongryun, a legitimate overseas civil society of our republic, and the Korean people of our nation, which is a dignified Korean republic, is a non-Romanic anti-Republican act.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will never overlook the indiscriminate maneuver of the Japanese government and will take all necessary steps to uphold the dignity and interests of its citizens.

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