– Razouki: 5 main themes of the comprehensive Renaissance project and “empowerment” password.

– September meeting adopts working mechanisms and launches UAE era in AFC leadership.

– Dubai has become the nervous system to lead the game in the Arab region and the yellow continent.

– We will not compromise the chances of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics and our ambition to be in the finals with a player.

– We are preparing to host the next World Championship in November on the sidelines of “Expo 2020”.

From Amin Dobli.

Abu Dhabi, August 22, (WAM) – Major General Nasser Al Razouqi, President of the UAE and Asian Federations and Vice President of the International Karate Federation, said that his main goal after winning the AFC presidency is to restore the yellow continent to its global leadership in this sport, which is historically linked to Asia in the development and development of champions and practitioners. He pointed out that his victory by 100% of the votes cast in the vote (39 votes) from 39 representatives of the National Union attended the elections a strong message to all concerned, and the mandate of the UAE to lead Asia to regain its true position at the global level.

In his interview with WAM, Al-Razouqi said that karate is the second largest in the world after football in its number of practitioners, pointing out that 7 million players are practicing in Indonesia and one million players in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The game began in the early nineties under the umbrella of one federation with Taekwondo and Judo, because the number of practitioners was limited to these three games, and then Judo separated from Karate and established a union in Abu Dhabi, and last year was separated from Taekwondo from Karate, and had to be separated because these games Combat Th Females have international federations continental and Arab organizations and, at the same time as increasing numbers of practitioners.

The most important achievements of the UAE karate sport ..

He explained that we have won a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals at the level of Asia and the Arab level, pointing out that Asia is the strongest and largest continents of the world in this sport, and we have made great leaps at the administrative level and institutional work within a short period of time compared to those who preceded us by decades. Sport is a system that includes the player, coach, referee and administrative, we have become international players achieve achievements and international referees referred to Lebanon, the number of 17 referees, and administrators occupy the major administrative positions in the international and continental federations, and we are working to rehabilitate coaches distinguished rates and International standards.

He added that the UAE has become one of the best countries in the world to organize international and international tournaments.

He said that the Karate Federation is one of the few federations whose sons are effectively administrators in all organizations, whether the International Federation, Continental, Arab or West Asia, and the headquarters of the UAE Karate Federation in Dubai has become the nervous system to lead the game Arab and Asian because it has also become the headquarters of the Arab and Asian federations.

He pointed out that the name of the UAE is great and welcome in all countries of the world, thanks to the efforts of our leaders and elders was an asset to us to benefit from every success we achieve, especially if we know that the former president of the AFC, who overtook him stayed 47 years in the continental union between the General Secretariat and the Presidency. What was achieved was not easy, but an earthquake in the light of its data, most notably obtaining 100 percent of the vote, and I benefited from my experience in the presence of the International Federation and did not rush to enter the battle at the top of the Asian pyramid was a matter of time to get to the continental pyramid.

As for his strategic plan to develop the game in Asia, he said that the password in the first axis is to enable the people of Asia to play the game professionally in all countries, and provide the necessary capabilities for submerged unions to develop, because the differences are wide between national federations, in the sense that there are countries at the top of the global scene. , And other countries do not have a physical presence on the scene, because of the lack of physical resources in it, although the players exist, but they need coaches, tournaments and capabilities.

He pointed out that the second axis is based on marketing to generate large revenues through the conclusion of agreements with international companies to provide support to the needy federations and empower them through the establishment of a fund for them, in this context, said: “We do not mind any soon to call these companies on our tournaments Continental. “

He added that the third axis is based on activating the role of the various committees in the AFC and all national federations, including investment, coaches, competitions, teams, finance and initiatives, especially after we discovered that the committee of referees alone is active among all these committees, whether in the continental union or in the national federations.

He pointed out that the fourth axis is based on the development of continental competitions and the development of some new tournaments, and work to raise the efficiency of human cadres through continuous refinement and rehabilitation courses to enable them to be strongly on the international arena, with priority given to enable the UAE nationals in various disciplines to make a second row to replace us in the future He pointed out that the fifth axis is to stick to the historic achievement that happened to our sport is the Olympic dependence and work in the future to increase the number of players and players qualified to participate in the finals.

Regarding the headquarters of the AFC, Al-Razouqi said that he has already moved to the UAE and the General Secretariat will remain in Macau, but an executive department will be launched for the Continental Confederation to coordinate between all sides. Malaysia is the financial director from China but the financial department will be located at the AFC headquarters in Dubai. The administrative positions were distributed at the meeting of the day following the elections on July 19 in Uzbekistan. Developmental us, including the new thinking for the development of the names of companies competitions, especially the laws and regulations do not prevent it.

On the efforts to develop the performance of the UAE Karate team .. We currently have all the elements of success to develop the performance of national teams in various stages through the benefit of the experiences of developed countries, and the use of international expertise and the establishment of partnerships and agreements with the appropriate schools for us, and participate in all competitions in various We are also working in the UAE to make the most of the decision of His Highness the President of the UAE to provide the opportunity for the participation of children of citizens, residents and births of the state and campaign decrees in local competitions, expressing his belief that this approach will support our teams a lot One player in the individual games can achieve what the team cannot achieve in the Olympic Games and World Championships.

On the absence of karate game for many clubs in the country .. He said: There are contacts with the sports councils to introduce the game in clubs, especially in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, and we have a great response from Sharjah and Fujairah currently the presence of clubs for combat games and self-defense games in them, and the focus remains on Communicate with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council to return the game to its clubs and provide them with the necessary support.

As for the highlights of the events that will be hosted by the UAE this season, Al-Razouqi stated that we will host the Premier League Championship in February next year, which is a world championship qualifying for the Olympics. November next year .. He pointed out that the state won the vote to host this tournament at the expense of major countries such as Russia and China.

Regarding the UAE’s chances to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, he said there are hopes and ambitions and there is a reality. We say that opportunities exist and we will stick to them, but they are difficult, and we must strive in any case.

His Excellency Abdul Moneim Al Hashemi is a creative sports leader, his achievements and his works speak for themselves, and the qualitative leap achieved at all regional, continental and global levels of jujitsu in the UAE in a short period of time is a pride for all of us. All the federations, and the cornerstone of the achievements of this sport is the great support of this sport from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and I have no doubt that this sport will get Olympic accreditation thanks Abu Dhabi-led efforts in this area. “

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