The third debate of the US Democratic presidential candidate appeared in Houston today. Taiwanese immigrant son and technology entrepreneur Yang Anze promised to send 1,000 US dollars to 10 American families. A “free bonus” of about NT$3,908.

Agence France-Presse reported that Andrew Yang said in the opening of the three-hour debate: “You donate money to the presidential campaign team. What happened? Political figures took money to buy TV commercials, hire consultants, and you hope to achieve The effect. We should now believe in ourselves rather than politicians.”

Yang Anze called on interested families to apply for free dividends on his campaign website. He said: “This is the way we will let the country work for us again, for the American people.”

Different from the other nine leading Democratic presidential candidates, Yang Anze’s main political opinion is to offset the unemployment caused by automation by implementing basic income for all.

After Yang Anze announced his political views, Pete Buttigieg, who is also a candidate, said: “This idea is very original, I admit.”

Yang Anze has no political experience. He was originally regarded as a novel candidate. Now he is unexpectedly rallying high popularity and will be nominated for the Democratic Party to challenge President Trump in the 2020 general election.

Yang Anze warned that in the next 12 years, automation will cause one-third of Americans to lose their jobs, and said that people are angry that technology replaces job opportunities, which is the key reason for Trump’s 2016 victory.

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