The new institution of Stanford Hospital, which cost NT$600 billion, was officially opened today. 250 patients were moved from the old courtyard to the new hospital ward. The 60-year-old old courtyard will be refurbished and planned to become a cancer research center on the west coast of the United States in 2025.

The election was opened on Sunday, local time, and the impact on the existing patients in the hospital was minimal. More than 1,700 manpower and volunteers conducted the swearing-in meeting in the morning, and then started the related work.

At 7 o’clock in the morning, the emergency room listing light was on, officially unveiling the historic new milestone of Stanford Hospital. The new and old pavilion was handed over, and the main event was to transfer the inpatient to the new hospital ward.

Under the premise of respecting privacy, the five patients and their families who agreed to receive media coverage were at the forefront of the migration team. The medical staff pushed the bed, and the chief executive of Stanford Hospital, David Entwistle, accompanied the old institution together. Walk the bridge to the new building. Over the morning, 250 patients completed the migration.

As the old courtyard continues to be used, some of the wards are emptied and medical resources are redeployed immediately.

Stanford Hospital Chief Operating Officer Quinn Mckenna told the Central News Agency that for the opening day, the Stanford Hospital team had completed 12 years of development and had a community communication of one week two months ago, providing more than 17,000 people. The visit and internal staff training also lasted for more than a month.

The old courtyard building built in 1959 will be internally refurbished in zoning and phased with a budget of 700 million U.S. dollars. McKenna describes it as “making planes while building planes.” The old courtyard reservation was completed in 6 years, specializing in cancer research.

The medical expenses in the United States are high. An Huai Si responded to the Central News Agency. The funds for the construction of the hospital came from the sponsorship of enterprises and philanthropists, and the management fund of the hospital. The enthusiastic and generous people gave birth to a new hospital and promised not to pass on the people’s visit. Medical expenses.

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